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Important Notice to All Clients

As most of you know, our office at 2138 Bay Area Blvd has closed due to mechanical and physical problems related to the building. We have been forced to make a very difficult decisions about continuing our practice and have unfortunately decided not to reopen our office. I am honored and privileged that you have entrusted us with your the care of your pets over the past five years. It is very important to me that you continue to receive the highest quality of care and service possible and that is why we have decided to transfer your pets' medical records to the doctors and staff at Bay Glen Animal Hospital and The Feline Medical Center. Their team of doctors have been providing veterinary care to the Clear Lake community for the past 24 years. They will be able to continue to provide you with excellent medical care or provide you with a copy of your pet's records if you decide to seek services from another veterinarian.

As of August 1, 2014, the staff at Bay Glen Animal Hospital and The Feline Medical Center will have full access to your pet's medical history and they will be able to help you with any pet care needs that may arise. You can contact them directly at 281-480-8800 for Bay Glen Animal Hospital or 281-480-5500 for The Feline Medical Center. They are conveniently located at the corner of Clear Lake City Blvd and El Camino Real. We believe this coordinated effort of professional service along with your pet's detailed medical history from our electronic records will be the best benefit for your pet.

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